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August 31, 2023

Solving overstock inventory issues with a merchandising tool

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Amber Denwood


Overstock inventory issues is a challenge fashion retailers constantly face, as managing inventory and staying relevant in such a turbulent, saturated market can be extremely tricky. 

Overstocked items not only tie up valuable resources but can also lead to financial losses. However, there are things brands can do to reduce overstock.

One way to address this issue is by using an AI-powered merchandising tool. This type of tool offers a unique solution by leveraging different ways of merchandising to help boost sales. From giving retailers easier access to high-conversion search engine optimization (SEO) search terms, onsite search trends, and TikTok marketing trends, there are multiple ways a merchandising copilot can get rid of excess inventory. 

In this article, we will explore how this innovative tool can help fashion merchants solve overstock issues and expand their product catalog's surface area.

Data-driven fashion E-commerce category creation

Using an AI-powered merchandising tool such as Depict, fashion retailers can identify the top onsite search terms used by customers. Creating data-driven categories using these searches ensures that your categories and product offerings align with the interests and preferences of your target audience. 

This optimization enhances customer experience, speeds up product discovery, and increases the likelihood of conversion.

With Depict, you can also create categories based on other data points, such as high-stock items, best sellers, or unique rules decided by you and your team.

Targeted SEO search term integration

Organic traffic and search rankings are one of the most notorious ways to get customers onto your site, and buying your products. A lot of brands, however, really struggle with making gains in these areas.

Using a tool such as Depict, you can import the top SEO search terms you want to rank on. Then, our merchandising engine can use these terms and their relevance to your product catalog, to automatically generate collection pages that align search queries. 

These terms can be as high-volume, or as niche, as you want. Meaning the reach of your product catalog is spread much more widely and your products are much easier to find. Creating SEO-based categories which correspond with your more niche, or overstocked inventory can then help potential customers looking for these exact products find them. A targeted approach such as this increases visibility and helps drive organic traffic to your overstocked products, and sell them more easily.

Our CEO Oliver Edholm described it like this:

"Depict is a game-changer for fashion retailers dealing with overstock. Creating more collections gives customers so many more ways to find specific products, something which is more important now than ever as Google changes the way SERPs look for E-commerce search terms. We truly believe we're the only merchandising tool that can help you future-proof your SEO efforts!" - Oliver Edholm, CEO

Enhanced product catalog surface area

As we mentioned above, your product catalog’s reach is greatly multiplied by targeting a wide range of SEO terms. But, that isn’t the only way a merchandising engine increases your product catalog surface area.

You can also automatically generate 10x product collection pages based on other high-visibility opportunities, such as TikTok marketing trends. Using a merchandising copilot such as Depict to create collections around recent trends, you can have these collection pages showcase a curated selection of products that resonate with specific customer interests. This can then be used as the landing page for performance marketing, and email campaigns, to greatly increase your catalog surface area.

Efficient inventory management toolkit

One of the significant benefits of using a visual merchandising copilot like Depict, is that we’re working on the ability to address overstock issues directly, with boosting and burying.

The ability to boost and bury items in your product listing pages (PLP) can prove immensely valuable in managing overstocked inventory issues. By boosting certain items which you’ve identified as being at risk of overstock, you can strategically promote products that need to be sold quickly, capturing customer attention and increasing their chances of purchase. 

This feature will allow you to prioritize selling overstocked inventory and improve its visibility, reducing the time required to clear out excess inventory. Conversely, burying items that are lower in stock enables you to minimize their exposure, putting a focus on the products you want to sell and reducing the chances of them selling out. 

By utilizing this merchandising toolkit, fashion E-commerce brands can effectively navigate the challenges of overstocked inventory, optimize sales performance, and maintain a healthy balance between supply and demand.

"With our boost and bury tool, you can give products a manual push to sell, with pretty much no effort. You can update your strategy in seconds!" - Oliver Edholm, CEO

How else can a merchandising copilot help your brand?

Reducing overstocked inventory isn’t the only way a merchandising copilot can boost your fashion E-commerce business. Enlisting the help of a merchandising tool like Depict can also help to future-proof your brand from changes in performance marketing and SEO, we've covered a bunch of reasons why fashion needs collection-driven merchandsing in detail - here

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