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Building a massive retail brand in Borås, the fashion city of Sweden, is no easy feat. Doing so alongside the revolution in eCommerce growth brought its own challenges and opportunities.

An image of product recommendations on the Gina Tricot mobile site

In 1997, Gina Tricot set out to be a chain of stores that offered tricot garments. Now, fifteen years later, they have grown to become an internationally-loved fashion retailer.

On a mission to connect customers with the right products online

Growing to ~150 stores across five markets is an incredible feat, built on with their modern, on-trend cuts and accessible prices, it was not long before Gina Tricot managed to become a reference in the retail world on both the European and international scale alike.

However, translating their brand image to their website was a challenge. Customers struggled to navigate their assortment through Gina Tricot’s product recommendations, making them less likely to convert. Their product recommendations were working well – but when you are on a mission to design a truly stellar E-commerce shopping experience, the product recommendations are what can determine the difference between your website being “good” or “great”. With Gina Tricot’s large assortment of products, customer experience becomes a high priority for increasing conversion rates.

Gina Tricot wanted to do more with the catalog of products they had on-site, categorizing it correctly, providing accurate and relevant personalization for each customer, and improving the way products are presented, with the end result of increases in online sales.

Finding the partner for product recommendations and beyond

Implementing new technology is an enormous decision for any business to consider and is certainly not one you decide on over a cup of coffee. Gina Tricot looked into various solutions for its E-commerce needs, and in the process, came across Depict. Depict has also helped reputable brands and companies across Fashion to deliver a personalized and relevant product discovery experience.

With Depict, Gina Tricot’s online merchandising efforts for the full product catalog require minimum input from the internal team. This is a clear partnership where Depict is giving directions, suggesting next actions and supporting the Ecommerce growth of the company.

"We appreciate Depict’s speed and eagerness. They are hungry to make things happen fast. With Depict’s team, we felt like it’s happening a lot. We want to be with a partner that can tell us what we should do as the next step in these areas."

Annica Rentala, CEO, Stronger

Kajsa Hjelm

E-Commerce Manager at Gina Tricot

Depict also advised Gina Tricot on creating a better customer experience by adopting a beautifully-designed “moodboard” layout to present their recommended products on the product page.

Customers interacting with product recommendations are now 3x more likely to convert

The outcome was clear – Gina Tricot generated more conversions with Depict, seeing an increase of 35% in orders through Depict-powered recommendations. In addition to that, customers interacting with product recommendations are three times more likely to convert vs their previous solution. “Recommended products” are now displayed in an inspiring way on their product details page.

By switching from their previous vendor to Depict, Gina Tricot has found a solution that not only converts and grows their business, it also removes workload from the internal team. Now that they have found the right partner, Gina Tricot can place more focus on other aspects of their business, allowing the product discovery engine to take care of the rest.

A product discovery engine that just works

"It’s working on its own. We don’t need to do anything. We really appreciate that it’s working that well without any input from us."

Annica Rentala, CEO, Stronger

Kajsa Hjelm

E-Commerce Manager at Gina Tricot

Equipped with an elevated product recommendation technology, Gina Tricot has become a greater reference in E-commerce to be reckoned with, on both the European and international scale alike.

The partnership is evolving, with Gina Tricot now considering add-to-basket product recommendations and email recommendations powered by Depict.

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