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January 31, 2024

Why fashion E-commerce needs collection-driven merchandising

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Amber Denwood


We believe collection-driven merchandising is the way forward for fashion retailers. Collection-driven merchandising enables retailers to create relationships with their customers, increase product visibility, and drive sales. And, we’re already beginning to see the shift toward collection-driven merchandising within the biggest names in fashion E-commerce. 

But, for those late to the game, we want to offer an insight into what collection-driven merchandising is, as well as give a preview of how we at Depict are building industry-first, fashion-tailored tools to help retailers kickstart collection-driven merchandising.

We held a Webinar with our partners at Centra that goes into all the details you need regarding collection-driven merchandising. But, we’ve summarised the key points below if you want to learn more at a glance.

Collection driven merchandising cuts the need for paid ads

The attitude in fashion E-commerce has previously been ‘growth at all costs’. This has meant there has been a heavy reliance on performance marketing, including Google and Facebook ads.

However, with extreme rises in the price of performance marketing, and a big shift in the economic environment, there’s now a need for more sustainable ways to grow.

Collection-driven merchandising allows fashion retailers to  form strong relationships with customers through their own channels, and depict brand values in an authentic way. The result? Better relationships with customers, at a lower price.

Collection-driven merchandising brings fashion retail up to date with other industries

Other industries have had their own examples of collection-driven methods of relating to consumers, that are already heavily evolved.

For example, Spotify offers multiple ways for consumers to discover and play the same song. One of these being playlists, which can match a listener’s mood, whatever their mood. And, as over 68% of time on Spotify is spent listening to playlists, we know that this context-driven discovery works.

This can then be emulated in fashion E-commerce, by offering users collections based on context in their life. One product no longer needs to sit under only one category, or collection. It can be placed in multiple collections, that attract customers in different ways that relate to their life.

How is collection-driven discovery already working for fashion brands?

NA-KD is a great example of a brand who are utilizing collections to help attract customers through context-driven discovery. The brand creates collections containing different products, and then pushes these collections to their customers through social media. All without manual effort.

Zalando also utilize collections well, creating multiple different collections tailored towards different search terms, meaning that their collections are a powerful force in SEO, helping to drive organic traffic.

Once customers are already attracted, collections can be used to push conversions and build customer loyalty, through tools such as recommendations, onsite search that lead to collections, and email marketing.

How can Depict help with your collection driven merchandising?

At Depict, we’re utilizing the latest developments in AI by building a tool that helps merchants to 10x their collection creation. Rather than having one or two collection pages, we’re allowing fashion retailers to build thousands of collections tailored to your customers.

With Depict, you can import the top 1000 search terms you want to rank on, use our engine to identify your top onsite search terms, or input TikTok marketing trends you want to be involved in. The Depict engine can then automatically generate collections based on this. These pages can then be published onsite. 

Want to get early access to Depict’s visual merchandising copilot?

We’re already testing this AI-powered technology with some clients. And, if you want to be one of the few early-access users who are utilizing the visual merchandising copilot, you can sign up for our exclusive, limited-place waitlist now.

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