Pre-loved fashion retailer Yaga sees a 317% increase in add-to-carts.

Markets      Estonia, South Africa
Industry      Preloved Fashion

Preloved fashion has been the fashion industry’s hottest trend in the last years, moving from niche to mainstream as a growing number of consumers realize fashionable outfits don’t have to burn a hole in one's pocket nor in the ozone.

The C2C brand Yaga first launched its shopping platform in Estonia in 2017. Having experienced success there, Yaga expanded to South Africa in late 2019 and shortly became the number one fashion platform for South Africans selling and buying their preloved pieces online.

Showing relevant product recommendations for
each unique product

Getting established as a market leader didn’t come without its challenges for Yaga.
With thousands of products being added to the platform each day, showing customers the most relevant product recommendations across the customer journey is critical for success. But because Yaga is a marketplace for second hand clothes, every product shown on the site is unique and with little to no user data to inform product recommendations and make them relevant.

This posed a challenge for Yaga’s in-house developed system for product recommendations, resulting in poor performance. The purchasing experience was dull and irrelevant, and customers were not sticking around the platform browsing products, nor were they adding products to the cart. In addition to that, Yaga’s investment in advertising was also falling flat, as the lack of relevant product recommendations directly affected the revenue each purchase was generating.

Finally, due to the shortcomings of their in-house technology, Yaga was wary about pursuing their plans of growth and expansion to other markets while facing operational issues.

Finding a solution that
exceeds Yaga’s

Yaga resolved to find a product recommendation solution better suited for their business goals. In scouting vendors, they came across Depict which also helped reputable brands like Aim'n, Gina Tricot, Houdini deliver a personalized and relevant E-commerce experience.

Yaga was advised to replace their in-house solution with Depict’s tailored AI E-commerce personalization engine that is able to showcase the most relevant products even without historical data to inform product recommendations.

Implementing new technology is a big decision for any business, so Yaga put the shortlisted vendors through various selection filters to make sure the new solution outperforms their previous in-house product recommendation solution. This included running an A/B test measuring the quantity of products added to carts via product recommendations.

A familiar layout invites
consumers to stick around

The results showed that Yaga could generate more engagement with Depict than using their previous solution or any of the competing technology, despite the fact that each product is unique and user data plays little to no role.
Furthermore, Yaga is able to keep showing an endless stream of relevant product recommendations to keep users engaged thanks to Depict infinite scroll feature, which mimics the familiar layout consumers know and enjoy from social networks like Instagram.

Having witnessed a convincing uplift in buyer intent using Depict, Yaga could confidently make the decision to replace their in-house solution. They were further reassured by the generous support of Depict’s team, who were quick to resolve any uncertainties and provide guidance to make the transition to a new system seamless, requiring almost no efforts from Yaga.

Equipped with a new sophisticated product recommendation technology, Yaga could start creating the most engaging product discovery experience for pre-loved fashion lovers yet, resulting in more users, more revenue, and more opportunities for market expansion.

For me, choosing the right partners and having great communication are of utmost importance. How do we get along with each other and whether I look forward to that call or not? Any time I had a question or a comment, Depict’s Customer Success team responded quite quickly.
I haven’t had many issues, so that’s also
a great indication that this partnership is working really well.

Rauno Kristjan

Growth Lead at Yaga

Showing a clear uplift in
buying intent

"The relevance of the product recommendations we show to our visitors and customers directly impacts the revenue each ad campaign generates."

Rauno Kristjan

Growth Lead at Yaga

Prior to implementing a better product recommendation system, Yaga was struggling with harnessing the full potential of their marketplace and making a wider impact on the fashion industry. Since replacing their old in-house solution with Depict’s tailored recommendation engine, Yaga has seen an impressive 317% increase in products added to cart via recommendations.

With the recommendations feed constantly being refreshed with new relevant content powered by Depict’s infinite scroll feature, Yaga encourages consumers to engage with the platform longer, uncover more unique pieces, and ultimately make more purchases.

AI product recommendation engine
that grows with Yaga

By clearing out something they’ve outgrown and that no longer served them, Yaga made room to introduce something that’s better suited for the path of growth and expansion that they are treading. Only this time, their product recommendation engine is ready to scale accordingly.

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