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Meet our smart merchandising engine.

Create standout shopping experiences that drive conversions and keep your customers coming back.

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Product Listing Pages

Create your category and collection pages easily, combining AI with full flexibility to curate your pages however you want.

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Provide high-speed, fashion-focused search results to your shoppers, offering accurate on-site discovery journeys.

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Deliver personalized recommendations automatically across your entire site, saving you time and manual effort.

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Product Listing Pages

Provide a compelling product listing page for a fresh catalog discovery that has your shoppers looking forward to new looks and returning for more.

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An image of different filters a customer can use on Depict category pages, including price, and color

Offer intuitive filtering and sorting

Ensure your shoppers can easily find what they are looking for with our extensive fashion-focused filtering functionality.

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Combine AI with full control for merchandising flexibility

Curate each categories as you see fit with Drag & Drop, or save even more time letting our AI engine do the heavy-lifting.

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Present your shoppers with visual perfection

Combine items based on fine details with a click so every page provides optimal visual experience with our AI-matching tool.

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Present precise fashion-related search results for every shopper, creating an engaging experience that has them stay longer on your site.

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An image showing the Depict search tool in action

Assist your customers all the way

Help your visitors find what they are looking for fast with autocomplete, relevant category suggestions, and results.

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Access the biggest fashion-focused library

Enjoy our extensive fashion & lifestyle synonym library, bringing up the right fashion items, every time.

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Present recommendations
for any search

Provide suitable alternatives when few results match your shoppers' search, ensuring they see items they may also like.

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Keep your shoppers coming back and increase your AOV by offering a shopping experience your visitors love and can rely on to find the right items, every time.

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An image of different coats on a client website

Similar product discovery made easy

Trigger more engagement by making it easy for your shoppers to find designs that match the looks they like.

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Personalize your front page for delightful experiences

Show visitors the items they’re most interested in as soon as they enter your website for the best-in-class experience.

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Complete looks that suit their style

Ensure shoppers discover even more products, from outfit suggestions to new collections, to help move stock faster.

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