Depict contributes to 15% of activewear brand’s online revenue

Markets      160 countries
Industry      Fashion

Aim high, dream big - that's the ethos of aim'n, an innovative Swedish fashion brand that sells high-quality activewear across 150+ countries.

Aim’n was founded in 2014 with a core set of values: run by women, for women. Starting on Instagram, where the founders published inspirational and motivational posts, they have grown rapidly to 1 billion SEK in 2021 (~$100M).

Inspiring women to choose the perfect outfit

The early determination and passion demonstrated by Tekla and Helen has now spread to a team of more than 50+ employees. They are laser-focussed on customer experience: put simply, these fashionistas want every woman to look good and feel good - no exceptions. 

While their growth remained strong, there were still opportunities to invest in for the future. A personalized shopping experience being one. They noticed that cross-selling, for example showing complementary products to “complete a look” at checkout, resonated particularly well with their customers. However, they lacked a personal feel - customizing recommendations based on the customer’s demographics, shopping habits and previous purchases. The AI predictive power simply wasn’t there, and so the odds of making that “extra” purchase was lost. It became apparent that, by implementing the right product discovery technology, aim’n customers could be shown and cross-sold products across the site that are relevant and appealing to them, increasing the chance of them making a purchase or adding an extra item to their cart.

The fashion brand sought out an opportunity to double-down on customer experience here. The desired outcome? An increase in online sales, and happy customers more likely to purchase again in the future. 

Finding the right product discovery platform for the job

For such a massive technological undertaking research is required to find the best available partnership, and aim’n was not going to leave any stone unturned in its search for the best AI on the market. As with everything the brand does, aim’n focused on quality, customer experience and results - an attitude that helped it to discover Depict. 

Depict specializes in helping Fashion reputable brands and companies boost their product discovery experience. Depict’s platform highlights the right products for each customer -  improving brand perception alongside conversion rates. aim’n belived in Depict’s promise of ROI and its excellent references. 

Depict was quick to identify the challenges aim’n was experiencing. Aim’n was spending time (and therefore money), curating product recommendations manually. Customers weren’t getting a personalization experience. Depict proposed a fully automated, personalized product discovery experience across the entire customer journey - from the front page and product pages, to the after-basket and checkout, to personalized emails. 

”With Depict, we can now display matching and complementary products to complete a stylish and trendy workout outfit! We can ensure that we expose relevant products to our customers. This contributes to a higher order value, but in the end it’s also about us giving our customers a great shopping experience and guiding them well.“

Malin Ericson

CRO Specialist

Customers highly receptive to site’s new look and functionality

It worked! aim’n was quickly able to display both matching and complementary products to complete a stylish and trendy workout outfit based on customer shopping behaviors. An increase in exposure to relevant products contributed to higher average order value and online sales revenue.

"Previously we lacked an AI function to show relevant products based on the individual customer journey. Depict ticked all the boxes when it came to the features we were looking for. Today it contributes to ~15% of all revenue in our online stores, which is a significant difference compared to the previous solution."

Malin Ericson

CRO Specialist

Given the passion and ethos that drives the brand - the  priority was ultimately customer satisfaction. Aim’n customers got a better shopping experience, far more online guidance, and left the store happy with their customized purchase and eager to return. 

The partnership between aim’n and Depict has only just begun, with aim’n curious to see what new technological and creative input Depict can bring to further leverage the brand going forward.

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