August 29, 2023

Boosting fashion E-Commerce SEO performance with storytelling

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Amber Denwood


Storytelling in fashion merchandising is the key to improved retention, heightened conversion, and much more. 

But, to truly connect with customers through storytelling, you need to ensure your pages all have great visibility and reach. One of the most rewarding ways to do this is through SEO optimization.

Luckily, storytelling and great SEO performance can go hand in hand. We’ll explain how in this article.

How SEO helps with storytelling in fashion

We’ve covered why fashion storytelling is important in the past. But, what we haven’t touched on is how SEO plays into this. 

In the vast landscape of the internet, standing out amidst the crowd is crucial for fashion merchants. One powerful tool that can help elevate their visibility is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By strategically optimizing content, websites can rank higher in search engine results and attract more organic traffic.

And, as many SEO techniques are tailored to helping internet users find the content they want to see, improving your SEO will help your stories reach the right people. This can mean anything from using collection-based merchandising to create niche collections that capture certain search terms, to optimizing categories to make them easier for shoppers to find.

How can a merchandising copilot help with your fashion E-Commerce SEO performance? 

You’ve probably considered AI content generators in the past. These tools mass-produce AI-generated content, usually tailored to certain keywords, in the hope of helping your website rank for these terms.

However, while traditional AI content generators have been helpful in terms of quantity, they’re often limited in their capabilities and quality. What fashion E-Commerce truly needs to help boost SEO performance is a cutting-edge solution that integrates generative AI with an understanding of merchandising. 

Depict is working to fill this need for fashion SEO performance. By utilizing the power of generative AI, as well as deep fashion product understanding, Depict can help to generate SEO-optimized categories, that perform well in the long term.

What does a merchandising copilot do for SEO?

As well as creating pre-optimized collections, tailored to shoppers’ search terms, a merchandising copilot ensures these pages are optimized for conversions once they’re live. This is done through excellent visual merchandising, personalization, and more.

Why is this important? A page that looks great, and performs well will have a lower bounce rate, a higher time on the page, and hit other important metrics. This, of course, is good for your business, but also means that the page will keep ranking well, as search engines will know shoppers are getting what they need.

Along with excellent-looking pages, and collection creation, merchants can enhance every filter category on their website and transform them into unique, engaging stories.

So, your website's filters, such as size, color, style, and occasion, are not just functional but storytelling elements. These captivating stories woven around product categories allow will merchants to rank organically for various search queries, giving them a competitive edge and attracting a broader audience.

How can I get started with boosting my fashion E-Commerce site’s SEO?

Sold on utilizing storytelling for your fashion E-Commerce site? We’ve got you covered. Find out more about Depict’s PLP page offering for examples of what we can do. Or, get in touch with Depict today and we can walk you through exactly how we can help you weave storytelling in your site, in a way that boosts performance.

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