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Introducing the easiest, most effective way to merchandise your online fashion catalog.

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Since merchandising their catalog with Depict's visual AI and data-driven categories, Oscar Jacobson experienced:

time saved on merchandising
increase in conversion rate

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Maximize cost-efficiency

Create SEO-focused categories in minutes, slashing your reliance on performance marketing.

Turn up your traffic

Ensure your collections perfectly match your campaigns. Accurate, vibrant collections increase revenue across your channels.

Visual-AI product discovery

Curate captivating pages by matching your products together in the most appealing way.

Merchandising made simple

Easily take control when creating your pages in our friendly-to-use merchandising portal.

Grow your catalog’s reach

High-performing pages that take just minutes to make, giving your catalog more surface area instantly.

Do more with less work

Cover the whole process, from ideation to page creation in a click. Have peace of mind knowing our engine is data-driven.

What’s in it for you?

Introducing the easiest, most effective way to merchandise your fashion catalog.


Our smart merchandising engine understands which products look best together for on-page perfection.


Avoid shoppers being overexposed to tired-looking categories. Provide vibrant, fresh pages with a click.


Double down on performance with captivating category and collection merchandising that perfectly matches your marketing campaigns.


Create the category pages in a click with smart category suggestions. Base categories around your top site searches, highly-stocked products, or rules unique to you.

Since we started merchandising with Depict, we save up to 40% of our time every month. This allows us to focus more on what our customer’s really need so we can provide the best on-site experience for them. We’re very happy with the partnership we have with Depict.

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Our category merchandising documentation has all the technical information you need to understand how you can set up our ‘virtual merchandiser’ in minutes.

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