STRONGER reclaims 40% of their time with Depict

Since STRONGER started merchandising with Depict, they have saved up to 40% of their time every month. This allows them to spend more time on what their customers really need so they can provide the best on-site experience for their customers.


STRONGER was on a hunt for a comprehensive solution that could cover all aspects of product discovery on their site, including product recommendations, search, and particularly merchandising. They required a savvy partner that would develop and adapt proactively to Fashion E-commerce trends.


Once STRONGER and Depict became E-commerce partners, they received far more than just a tool for their business. With its cutting-edge, AI-powered features and trend-aware approach, Depict proved to be an ally that could truly transform their merchandising process.

Key results


Smarter Worksflows

Making their merchandising process much smoother with smarter workflows


Better Productivity

Uplifting their productivity by saving them up to 40% of their time per month


Increase in AOV

Boosting their market entry efforts, increasing average order value and conversion rates

"Compared to our previous tool, Depict is like day and night"

Hanny Eldblom

Head of E-commerce at STRONGER

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Depict saved Houdini time, manual effort, and a lot of headaches.

The Swedish fashion icon experiences a 3x uplift in conversion.

Depict contributes to 15% of the brand's total revenue

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