Depict saved Houdini time, manual effort, and a lot of headaches.

With Depict, Houdini increased the average order value and conversion rate for both new and returning global shoppers on their E-commerce site. They significantly elevated their online shopping experience thanks to our AI-powered personalized recommendations and search results, saving them weeks of manual work.


Houdini was previously manually handling every recommendation for every item, causing stress and lost time. As for their search results, these were only successful if the visitor knew precisely what they were looking for and typed it out with perfect spelling and no typos. While Houdini was growing in various markets, the need to constantly adjust the recommendation and search results made it difficult to keep up with all the new collections and traffic. The continuously-changing inventory required the team to spend a lot of time and effort updating every product on their site. With their market expansion on the horizon, they needed an automated and intelligent solution to save them time and raise their conversion rate.


Houdini integrated Depict to save time and manual processes in creating a more compelling online shopping experience for their visitors. By combining the power of AI-driven recommendations and search results, in turn alleviating their internal resource dependencies, Houdini was able to instantly establish a more productive way of working. Their E-commerce team highly appreciated Depict's quick and seamless integration on their site, seeing the value from day one. They were delighted that Depict's powerful and accurate engine meant the teams could then focus on performance and expansion strategies. The group was also thrilled by the ease of implementation and Depict’s great communication when any minor tweaks and feature requests were needed.

Key results


No friction, no headache integration

Depict easily integrated with Houdini’s fashion E-commerce site and now delivers fast and relevant search results every time.


AI-driven personalization that reduces manual processes

Houdini’s E-commerce team saved many hours of manual work every season, thanks to Depict’s automated and precise AI-powered recommendations.


Increased customer engagement and loyalty

Depict and Houdini create memorable shopping experiences that leave their visitors delighted and coming back for more.

“Most of our technical challenges are pretty easy to fix but the E-commerce platforms don’t yet have these solutions built-in. By integrating Depict, not only do we solve these challenges, we believe in evolving with it and eventually having much of our site fully controlled via Depict.”

Jessica Stockinger

E-Commerce Tech Lead

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