The Swedish fashion icon experiences a 3x uplift in conversion.

Gina Tricot experienced a 35% increase in conversion rate and 3x intent through our powerful AI-driven product recommendations by enhancing their on-site shopping experience. The group also greatly reduced manual work as Depict seamlessly handles its product recommendations and improved the brand’s overall E-commerce performance.


In 1997, Gina Tricot set out to be a chain of stores that offered tricot garments. Now, they have grown to become an internationally-loved fashion retailer. Growing to ~150 stores across five markets is an incredible feat. Built on their modern, on-trend cuts and accessible prices, it was not long before Gina Tricot managed to become a reference in the retail world on both the European and international scales alike.


With an already well-established brick-and-mortar presence, Gina Tricot found replicating this success into E-commerce growth had its own challenges and opportunities. Translating their brand image to their website was one of these challenges. Customers struggled to navigate through Gina Tricot’s product recommendations, making them less likely to convert. Their mission was to provide a memorable E-commerce shopping experience by offering product recommendations that were not just “good” but “great”. They knew frictionless recommendations would streamline the online shopping experience for their customers and subsequently improve conversion rate. But, with an already extensive workload, they didn’t have the time or resources to make this happen.

Key results


Impressive conversion boost

Gina Tricot saw a remarkable 35% increase in conversion through Depict-powered product recommendations.


Enhanced shopping experience

Thanks to Depict their shoppers are now three times more likely to convert due to effective and personalized product recommendations.


A powerful engine that just works

The Gina Tricot group can focus on higher-value tasks as Depict's powerful AI engine handles their product recommendations seamlessly.

"We appreciate Depict’s speed and eagerness. They are hungry to make things happen fast. We want to be with a partner that can tell us what we should do as the next step in these areas."

Kajsa Hjelm

E-Commerce Manager at Gina Tricot

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