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E-Commerce merchandising
October 9, 2023

5 fashion E-commerce visual merchandising tips

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Amber Denwood


Customer experience and engagement are essential in fashion E-commerce. Get these wrong and you’ll see a decrease in crucial metrics ranging from revenue to retention.

You probably already know that visual merchandising has a huge impact on both customer experience and engagement. And if you don’t, our article on the importance of visual merchandising can help you get to grips with why this is a crucial part of your fashion E-commerce store to focus on.

While crafting the perfect visual merchandising strategy is a huge task, it can be easier if you know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate list of visual merchandising tips, to help you get off to a great start.

  1. Consistency is key

As with most things, consistency is key to your visual merchandising strategy. Without consistency across your fashion E-commerce site, it is impossible to establish strong brand recognition. And without brand recognition, customer retention is incredibly difficult.

This doesn’t mean every page on your site needs to look exactly the same, but it does mean that your visual merchandising should have a coherent theme. Whether you’re establishing the basics such as the sizing of your product panels, or getting more in-depth by considering consistent product matching, every step you take towards visual consistency is key.

The good news is, taking the next steps in this article will help you establish consistency.

  1. Create a visual merchandising style guide

A style guide is both an essential step towards visual merchandising consistency and a way of future-proofing your efforts.

A true visual merchandising style guide will encompass everything from typography and iconography to product photography guidelines, to minor details such as how much white space should be left and the number of panels per page.

If you’re establishing this guide from scratch then visual aids such as mood boards can be used, whereas a larger and more established brand may already have some of these guidelines in place. In this case, it may just mean reviewing any outdated content.

  1. Visual merchandising automation

Another way visual merchandising tip, and one which helps exponentially with the two tips above, is to automate your visual merchandising. 

With a tool that truly understands visual merchandising (such as Depict) you can turbocharge your visual merchandising strategy, with barely any effort. Choosing a visual-AI-led tool means that product matching is done automatically, with no room for consistency errors, as an E-commerce visual merchandising tool has pinpoint accuracy, and can work across a huge number of pages in minutes.

A fashion E-commerce visual merchandising tool like Depict also understands which apparel products look best together, meaning your team can take notes for your style guide. This tip means that team members are free to spend their time on other parts of the strategy, where their expertise matters most.

  1. Analyzing and optimizing visual merchandising efforts

This may seem like an obvious visual merchandising tip, but in a market as fast-moving as fashion, it can be easy to simply create a page, set it live, and never measure the performance.

Of course, this is a huge missed opportunity for your visual merchandising strategy. If you’re making small changes to your fashion E-commerce site, then A/B testing the results are a great way to understand what your customers are responding to. Not only does this help you with performance, but it helps you to establish a stronger relationship with your shoppers.

Measuring the impact of each change will mean you can optimize your site to the specific way your customers shop, and will mean you’re never blindsided by a sudden drop in performance.

  1. Incorporating storytelling into visual merchandising

In an increasingly competitive industry, creating an emotional connection with your customer is a crucial way of keeping them around. To do this, you need to make your shopping experience memorable, rather than exclusively transactional.

That is why storytelling on your fashion E-commerce site is essential. You can do this through matching products together that make occasion outfits, or creating well-merchandised collections that speak to a particular moment in a customer's life, such as prom, graduation, or wedding season.

As there are so many occasions that can tell a story in a customer’s life, automating these tasks is another great way to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.

Taking your visual merchandising strategy further

Feeling inspired by these visual merchandising tips? We’ve got more where that came from, whether you want to find out how you can save time when merchandising, or want to get inspired by some of the top Swedish fashion retailers, you can find it on our blog.

Or, if you want to find out more about automating your visual merchandising efforts, you can get in touch with our team today.

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