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October 9, 2023

3 E-commerce personalization examples from Swedish fashion retailers

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An image of Malin Ericson, CRO Specialist at aim'n

Amber Denwood


At Depict, we’re hot on upcoming E-commerce personalization trends and spend a lot of time reviewing website personalization ideas.

In a world where E-commerce is becoming increasingly competitive, it is important to ensure your website personalization stands out and offers a memorable shopping experience for all customers. By putting a focus on unique, convenient, tailored customer experience and satisfaction, you ensure there’s no desire or obvious reason for your customers to start shopping elsewhere.

In this post, we share three specific excellent E-Commerce personalization examples (from retailers using Depict!), to give you inspiration for how you can keep up to date with the latest fashion E-commerce trends.

1. Houdini’s personalization examples - Matching favorites

Houdini Sportswear is a prime example of E-commerce personalization done right. The Swedish sportswear retailer provides a tailored, modern online shopping experience for their customers. 

A highlight of Houdini’s website personalization ideas is their ‘Matching favorites’ section. This personalized recommendation section appears when customers add an item to their basket, giving them the option to quickly check out items similar to the one they just added.

Houdini personalized recommendation example showing a red jacket recommended for red pants in the user's basket

For example, here a pair of ‘Women’s Rollercoaster Pants’ have been added to the basket, and several personalized recommendations are shown to the customer. These AI personalization E-commerce examples include the matching jacket to the pants, in the matching color and two similar jackets. 

Houdini personalized recommendation example

Here, a men’s jacket in the color ‘cloudy blue’ has been added to the basket, so the personalized recommendations shown in the ‘Matching favorites’ section mainly feature jackets in similar shades. 

Do Houdini’s E-Commerce personalization examples work?

This method of personalization works well, as it doesn’t come across as spammy or intrusive to users. Showing personalized recommendations, on set surfaces, means that users don’t feel like they’re being bombarded with unwanted advertisements, and the recommendations they do see match their tastes.

Plus, the high relevance of the personalized recommendations toward the unique visitor means that there’s a higher chance of conversion than if the same generic product recommendations were shown to each visitor.

Once implementing Depict recommendations, Houdini benefited from a conversion rate increase of 3% whenever visitors click on recommendations and 22% higher AOV.

Read the full Houdini success story here.

2. Gina Tricot’s personalization examples - Recommended products

Gina Tricot customers have a very strong connection to their style, and Gina Tricot shows their dedication to upholding this trust with spot-on product recommendations all across their website.

One of the best E-Commerce personalization examples on the Gina Tricot site is found when a customer selects a product from the product listing page, and is taken to the product itself.

Gina Tricot personalized recommendation example

Here, you can see the shopper has selected a black midi dress in black, and the recommendations shown below the product are mainly dresses in similar colors or shapes. This is an excellent AI personalization E-Commerce example, as Depict’s personalization engine has understood that the customer is interested in black dresses, long sleeved dresses, and lower necklines.

Do Gina Tricot’s personalization examples work?

Gina Tricot’s AI-Led personalization examples show us how they indicate to their customers that they are a brand that understands their wants and needs. The result is a more loyal customer base, and a more tailored online shopping experience.

That’s not all though, Gina Tricot generated a lot more conversions with Depict, seeing an increase of 35% in orders through Depict-powered recommendations. Plus, customers interacting with the Depict product recommendations are three times more likely to convert on the site vs Gina Tricot’s previous solution.

Read the full Gina Tricot success story here.

3. aim’n personalization examples - You might also like

aim’n has some perfect E-Commerce personalization examples when it comes to positioning and personalization strategy. 

Their ‘You might also like’ recommendation panel helps to push lower price items at a key point in the buyer journey. 

Aim'n personalized recommendation example

Houdini personalized recommendation example

The aim’n ‘You might also like’ panel appears on the user’s shopping bag page, and advertises lower priced items, to offer a little extra to the shopper.

Do aim’n’s personalization examples work?

The recommendations aim’n use work perfectly, as they offer easy-to-snap up items at a key point in the buyer’s journey. Rather than recommending more expensive items, aim’n offers items that are further towards the end of their product lifecycle, which helps to increase a shopper’s AOV and move stock ready for new products.

And, with Depict providing the recommendations on aim’n’s website, Gina Tricot has seen Depict contribute to 15% of all revenue in their online stores, a significant difference compared to their previous solution.

Read the full aim’n success story here.

Where else can I find E-Commerce website personalization ideas?

If you’ve got a taste for E-Commerce personalization, we can help you make your website dreams into a reality. The Depict product has plenty of personalization options to uplift your shopper’s journeys.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you, or check out our whitepaper on personalization in fashion E-commerce. You can also sign up for our newsletter below to stay updated on the latest E-Commerce personalization trends.

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