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October 9, 2023

An insight into Depict’s market-leading cross-sell recommendations

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Amber Denwood


Product recommendations are where it all started for Depict. So, it makes sense that our personalized, AI-led product recommendations are the most powerful on the market.

As we’re so proud of our product, we wanted to offer a little insight into how good our cross-sell product recommendations are, and how they work. 

Read on to find out all there is to know about Depict’s AI-led product recs!

How do Depict’s market-leading cross-sell product recommendations work?

Our product recommendations are GPT-led, meaning the recommendation engine understands the style and occasion an item may be worn just as well as a shopping assistant would. 

Depending on the product your customer views, or adds to their basket, our engine will assess the product data and bring up items that may be worn together with their chosen item. And, as all this is done by the Depict engine, it is lightning-fast, too.

Because of this deep fashion understanding, Depict product recommendations can accurately predict which products your customers will want to be shown to complete their look. These hyper-accurate recommendations then mean higher conversions and an all-around better customer experience. Here’s what the team who made our cross-sell recommendations had to say about them:

“Our cross-sell recommendations are faster and more accurate than ever since our GPT upgrade. Given the style of a viewed product, our engine comes up with cross-sell products that best complete the outfit to the same level a human would!” - Marie Korneliusson, Data Solutions Engineer @ Depict

How do Depict product recommendations look?

Depict product recommendations give an accurate vision of your shopper’s full outfit. So, onsite the finished result is visually cohesive, professional, and gives each product a chance to shine. Given the fact visual merchandising is essential to an E-commerce store’s success, this is a huge deal.

Showing recommendations in this way means that users are receiving recommendations that make sense for them, greatly improving their chances of conversion. And, giving a striking user journey that flows so naturally will mean they’re much more likely to return time and time again.

Do AI-led product recommendations work?

We can safely say that these AI-led recommendations work, on an impressive scale. Customers, such as Gina Tricot have seen an increase of 35% in orders through Depict-powered recommendations. And, in terms of user experience and improved branding, the value that recommendations that work on this level provide is incredible.

Plus we know how long a team can spend manually picking which products to cross-sell with each item. With AI-powered recommendations, no manual work is needed, so your team is free to spend valuable time elsewhere.

Read more about how our product recommendations are already helping fashion & lifestyle customers in our success story library. Or, check out our blog post on personalization examples from Swedish fashion retailers for an example of how great recommendations can improve your E-commerce store’s experience!

What’s next for Depict?

Our GPT-powered recommendation upgrade is already being rolled out to our entire fashion and lifestyle customer base. Of course, we’re not stopping at great product recommendations. We’re constantly working on ways to improve merchandising for fashion & lifestyle retailers and ensure value for our existing customers. 

From excellent product search, to category pages that uplift performance in every way, we’re always working to bring innovative features to change the E-commerce game.

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